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Blue Mist.

it is literally the world’s most famous tobacco flavor that feature an unusual blend on blueberry with a certain cooling effect mint but there is neither mint or spearmint in it.

Blue Surfer.

Like the name, the tobacco is a relaxing sweet combination of some juicy tropical fruits and refreshing cool mint.

Citrus Mint.

Undoubtedly, it is a tropical blend with flavors of sweet, juicy citrus fruits with n minty-cool endnote.

Coco Jumbo.

To be exact, it tastes like lime is fused in coconut.

Code 69.

Enjoy a fantastic fruit punch with a slight tartness.

Fuzzy Naval.

There is no wrong in calling it a scrumptious tropical peach mix with a desirable amount of sweetness.

Hard Rush.

When the fruity flavors get a hard thud of winter fresh mints, it is called Starbuzz Hard Rush.

Melon Blue.

It is a subtly sweet blend of blueberry and green melon.


Starbuzz brings you a special variety of raspberries in Pink Shisha along with a hint of lemonade underneath.

Pirates Cave.

It is a striking blend of lemon-lime.Rose. Enjoy the glory of a pervasive fruity taste with some nice floral aroma.

Safari Melon Dew.

An excellent blend of sweet melon that will entice you again and again.

Sex on the Beach.

Resembles the taste of the popular drink with the same name.

Strawberry Margarita.

Starbuzz has nailed the smell of the tropical drink – it tastes amazing.Sweet Melon. Deliciously sweet melon with strong aroma.

Tangerine Dream.

It is a concoction of tangy orange and cream – smells and tastes equally fantastic.


This strong pungent-smelling tobacco has got some powerful mint flavors.