Zomo - Classic Line 50g

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Zomo Classic Line 50g 


Açaí Cream - Typical North Brazilian berry with a creamy touch 

Banana Cinnamon - The passionate cinnamon flavor with bananas sweetness. 

Blueberry Mint - The blueberry flavor with a touch of mint. 

Blueberry - Pure Blueberry Flavor 

Cinnamon Gum - An awesome taste of cinnamon with chewing gum flavor. 

Grape Mint - White gRapes with the icy touch of mint. 

Grape - Incomparable white grapes flavor 

Guava - The unique guava taste

Kiwi with Lemon - A tasty fusion of kiwi and lemon 

Lemon Mint - Lemon citrus flavor with a touch of mint 

Mango - A juicy mango flavor

Orange Mint - Citrusy orange flavor and mint 

Orange - Original orange flavor with citrusy touch but also slightly sweet 

Passion fruit with Mint - Our passion fruit with a minty touch. 

Passion Fruit - The incredible passion fruit flavor 

Spiced Chai - The flavorful fusion of spices 

Two Apple - Classic red and green apple mix. 

Waterlemon - watermelon based flavor mixed with lemon 

Watermelon Mint - Super juicy watermelon with a mint base 

Watermelon - All the flavor of a juicy watermelon 

White Choco Berry - All the sweetness of White Chocolate and a touch of raspberry.